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December 17th, 2009

Toowoomba - Coolangatta - Kuala Lumpur

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Fly to Kuala Lumpur
Flight: D7 2703
Depart: 9.05 am
Arrive: 3.25 pm

We left T-bar super dooper early - 3am - and after a very stressful few days trying to get everything ready and then a very late night making sure everything was done - with 2.5hr sleep we piled into the car and made the trip to Coolangatta airport in the hope that there would be a plane with our names on it! Luckily we arrived and found that the plane was an actual plane and we all managed to get seated together. We ventured through immigration and security with Rob & Jesse getting tested for expolsives and i had a nice friendly pat down in case i was taking any additional supplies with me. We had a shop around in duty free - scouting out prices to beat - and finished our time in Coolangatta with an icy cold beer - at 7am!

The 8 hour journey was painful. Long boring flight in tiny little seats with lots of turbulance which ment not alot of walking around. The boys crashed before the plane even took off and i managed to get a bit of sleep but definatey not enough. They woke for food and beer and that was it. We arrived in Kuala Lumpur which was basically a stop over but our flights didnt match up so we had to stay the night - which we had planned for so we booked some nice accomodation near the airport. We thought it would be really simple to get to the hotel but when we got there is was insanely busy with cars and people and traffic and so incredibly hot and humid. We asked about the bus to get to the hotel and were told it was $1 malaysian so we went in search of it. We found a bus and the guys said it was the right one so we jumped on and hoped for the best. after about 1/2hr of going round and round in circles we arrived at an interchange so we jumped off hoping the next bus would take us. It turns out our hotel was connected to the interchange which was actually the proper airport (not the LCCT - low cost terminal we flew into), so we trundled upstairs and checked ourselves in. Everyone was really excited cause the hotel was AWSOME! So fancy so we went to the pool to get the stink of the plane off and cool down a bit. After our swim we went for some din dins and had a very fancy meal - and a $AUD16 glass of wine! (Stupid language barrier!) When we asked for the bill - we asked if we could split it - 5 people, 2 girls & 3 guys. The very lovely waiters split the bill - into three and gave it to the boys! Zoie and I was laughing so hard - the guys not laughing so much! Zoie and i were more than happy to stay! Afterwards it was off to do some much required sleeping!

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