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December 22nd, 2009

Chiang Mai

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Chiang Mai

  • Zoie and I slept in then did (much needed) laundry.
  • Went for a walk around the town of Chiang Mai
  • Had manicures and pedicures
  • The boys returned
  • We went for steak and pizza and gorged ourselves full!
  • Went to the night bazar to scope out the shopping
  • Went to a reggae bar with Kenny (our trek guide) and got drunk and listened to reggae.
  • Elephant walked by the bar - freaked Kylie out something fierce!

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December 21st, 2009

Chiang Mai

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Chiang Mai

Time is running low so i am moving to dot points - sorry but hey - you'll live!

Day 2 of Jungle Trek

  • Zoie was sick so she and I decided to return home and the boys stayed in the jungle.
  • We trekked for an hour to a village, rode in the back of a pick up, went rubber boating, bamboo rafting and elephant riding.
  • Returned home to long hot showers and comfier beds! & Western Food! :)

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December 20th, 2009

Chiang Mai

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Chiang Mai

Today was the first day of our three day trek through the jungle. After a relatively late start - 9.30am pick up - we drove to the tourist police to let them know that we were a) going to the jungle and b) to look for us if we didnt return - which was quite a comforting feeling. We then drove to a market where we could get some supplies for the trip and then headed to a waterfall for lunch. The water was freezing so Zoie and I stayed out but the boys went it and had a great time. Then the 12 of us (5 frenchies and 2 south africans) piled back into the back of our pick up truck - quite squishie but the boys got to sit up on top and Zoie and i hung out the back while we drove up this mountain to see a temple. After the temple we then started the trek towards our campsite for the night. The trek was not as bad as i thought (i struggled out of the jungle from the jungle flight) but it was relatively easy through the jungle, stopping at waterfalls along the way.

The jungle wasnt quite what i expected but still amazingly beautiful so worth the trip. We got to our jungle camp that night, with no running water or electricity it was a dip in the river for a shower and squat toilets - welcome to the jungle! We had some drinks and dinner around the fire and the sleeping arrangements left so much to be desired with no matteresses, freezing cold and crappy pillow - princess much? lol! After a horrid nights sleep, in which Zoie as once again sicker than sick, Zoie and I decided to head back the following morning.

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December 19th, 2009

Chiang Mai

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Chiang Mai

Today we got up early again (not enjoying these early starts) - 6.30am pick up for our jungle flight. Basically jungle flight is a high wire course through the jungle. You get to wear a harness (yay) and they clip you onto the wires and off you go from platform to platform through the jungle, abseiling, bridge walks the whole nine yards. The trip there was beyond interesting with this little 4WD van going up the most impossible looking hills in the back sticks of thailand. We got there and changed and then started the jungle flight. It was so amazing, and so worth it.

After the jungle flight we had lunch at the jungle flight cafe with traditional thai food and some awsome seamed vegies - i am pretty sure we all cleaned the plates for the vegies! Loving it! We then headed off to the hot springs, which are pretty much just the sulphur springs so i stayed in the van while everyone had a look. We then headed back to the hostel.

After a well deserved nap, Zoie wasnt feeling well so Rob, John and I headed off to a thai cooking school for dinner. We went to a local market and saw the most interesting things like fish, meat and even deep fried chickens heads (and yes i took pictures!). We then went to the cooking school where we each got to pick 5 different dishes to cook. Since there were three options for each dish all three of us cooked one and then tried each others dishes - the food was excellent. The red Curry wasnt the same as Dee's but i guess i am little biased when it comes to my red curry! We each got a certificate and a cook book so expect some thai food when i get home. I think the longest part of cooking thai is the cutting all the ingredients! We even made curry paste from scratch - which was very hard work but so worth it!

It started raining while we were at the cooking school which is really strange cause it is the dry season in Chiang Mai at the moment so we headed back to the hostel to pick up Jesse and then we went to the markets to buy jumpers for the trek the next day. The night bazar is amazing and you can honest buy so much so the list is long but the bag is heavy already so we may have to limit the shopping - or post stuff home! :)

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December 18th, 2009

Kuala Lumpur - Chiang Mai

sunny 25 °C
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Fly to Chang Mai
Flight: AK 762
Depart: 7.20 am
Arrive: 9.10 pm

With another early start this morning (4.00am) we caught a shuttle to the airport, checked in for our flights and headed through immigration and customs. We opted to have breakfast once we got to the departure lounge which was a huge mistake because the options were less than exciting. One disgusting cup of cofffee later and an alright donut we settled in to wait for our flight. The actual terminal in KL was really small but when we heed for our flight we had to walk quite a distance to get to where the plane was and luckily there were people guiding us because we nearly caught multiple other flights! We were not able to get seats together this time so we took our appropriate seats and the flight left. John and i had a spare seat and as we were not too tired we played some phase 10 before Rob came wandering over as he was squiched between two larger people and had no room, so being the friendly caring bunch we are we let him sit with us and our 3 hour flight went quickly by with the pack of cards.

We arrived at Chiang Mai airport and disembarked, immigration, collected our bags (kylie's had shampoo everywhere!) and customers (what a joke) before we headed off to be met by the hostel. With a lovely little sign with our names on it, we changed our aussie dollars for thai baht at AUD$1 = THB$28 meaning our AUD$200 = $5800! WAY EXCITEMENT! None of us could fit the money in our wallet we have never seen so much. We were all very excited to receive a $1000 note and left the airport with nice big grins on our faces.

The hostel arrange for transportation for us and we bundled into the back of the vehicle (basically a ute with seats in the back and a cover over it, no door. Poor Zoie wasnt paying attention and got in last and asked how to close the door only to realise (from the laugher) that there was no door. Death grip on the luggage as we arrived in our hostel.

The Hostel is really lovely and the people are so friendly and helpful. We arrived earlier tan expecte because our flight got moved foward so we all relaxed in the really cosy outdoor covered area which is also our kitchen and internet lounge. It is so peacefull and we are surrounded by trees and water and we have these little bungalow type buildings that are our rooms. We are in a mixed dorm for 8 people with airconditioning, free internet, free tea, coffee and toast all day and all at the low low price of $8 per night! EXCELLENCE!

Our trek company came to give us a briefing on the trek which starts on sunday and then we put our stuff in our room, talkled about what we were going to do and booked a few things. After a few beers (at 11am!) we headed down the road for lunch. Lunch was at this awsome little cafe type place but everything is open air here and they had made a little garden with quaint little white seats and tables but all the food was in thai so we couldnt understand what we were ordering. Ammusement all round as we tried to ask for beef, but alas Jesse got pork and the rest of us got Chicken! We still have NO idea what it was but damn it was awsome and so fresh. We are loving the food!

After lunch we got collected from the hostel and taken to a massage palour where we all got 2 hour long massages and hot compresses. The massage palour is run by reformed prisioners trying to earn a respectable living and it was so fantastic. For $17 AUD we got 2 hour massages and they pick us up and dropped us back.

We returned to the hotel nice and relaxed, again drank some beer which is ridiculously cheap $30 THB = $1.05 for 6% alcoholic beer in a can! LOVING IT! After beers we headed to the night bazar for some shopping and to get some supplies for our trek. We didnt realise it would be so cold so we needed to find some warm stuff. All of us bought stuff but the only thing that is warm is possibly Zoie & My Scarves - the rest was just shopping! Shopping at markets lesson learnt!

We had some dinner, just maccas cause we were tired and hungary and couldnt decide on anything else, and then caught the truck taxi thing back to our hostel - or that was the plan. After numerous arguing we ended up walking about 1km home as he had no idea where we were staying and we got cranky. The rest of the night was showers and bed as we were all exhausted!

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